Thursday, September 11, 2014


Techno-Stress is the psychological and physiological consequence of evolving habits due to the use of modern information Technologies at offices, homes, academic and social situations, as they permeate into virtually every moment and aspect of our current life.
The integration of computing and communication devices such as PC's, tablets and smartphones. combine with compulsive, yet often impersonal connectedness, constant posts and updates, multi-tasking  and the pressure to respond to work related issues in continual and intrusive real-time.

 Symptoms Present As:
  •  Cognitive overload, with depleted focus on sustained thinking and creative analysis.
  •  Anxiety presenting as irritable, headaches, mental fatigue, depression, nightmares, panic attacks, feels of helplessness, and error in judgment.
An overabundance of media bombards us daily with images and sounds of natural disasters, wars, crimes, and danger. Visual and auditory data is transmitted to the amygdala with enough intensity to trigger the Stress response in both the body and mind thus producing  a surge of epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) into the blood stream. This  happens through news, and even fantasy based media such as films or computer gaming simulations.

Wow that was a lot of information.. so what can we do to detox our selves. First grounding and connecting with natural world, apart from the electronic technology, purifies the psyche and is akin to hitting the reset button on Stress. Whether short periods of time or visiting a tech detox  retreat or vacation resort, tech detox relieves stress, clears the mind and promotes restoration, joyful health and well-being.
So if you have a chance during lunch break or get outside if you can walk around under the tree's deep breath to get some natural oxygen into your lungs, clear your mind for a moment will do you a lot of good health wise because clear thinking makes  happier work day.  I recommend 1 hour of downtime each day, 1 day per week and 1 week every 3-4 months to focus on the 3 R's the rejuvenate and restore.
 Relaxation, Recreation and Relationships let's Re-set that Button.

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